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Quotes about the future of mobile from tech and church leaders...

  • Computing is moving onto mobile, even if I have a computer next to me, I’ll still be on my mobile device.

    Larry Page, CEO of Google

  • The entire IOS platform - as well as Android - is becoming your congregants' wallets. If people are using their mobile devices to pay for dinner and a movie, it doesn't take too much imagination to see the day when these same devices are used for the offering plate.

    Mark Pierce, Pastor of Church Requel

  • On engagement, we're already seeing that mobile users are more likely to be daily active users than desktop users.

    Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

  • As more people use their phone for web browsing, they want to easily access and read information. Our lives are becoming more mobile... Mobile websites offer the solution. They display information simply and when designed correctly, make navigation friendly. Both mobile apps and mobile websites are needed.

    Ryan Choate via Christian Web Trends Blog

  • iPads, other tablets and mobile devices will become people's primary Bible. The YouVersion Bible app has already been downloaded to more than 50 million devices... The iPad Mini, as well as other mobile devices, will become people's primary communication tools. We are already seeing this as a significant trend.

    Mark Pierce, Pastor of Church Requel

  • If your church doesn’t have an app in the coming years that is constantly updated like your website, the rising culture (not just the rising generation) might feel disconnected. A website is your billboard for the church attendee; owning the app means that they are a part of something.

    Aaron Linne, LifeWay Christian Resources via pastors.com blog

  • Invest in mobile web. Mobile is set to overtake desktop as the primary way people interact with the web.

    Steve Fogg via Christian Web Trends Blog

  • The present of mobile represents the triumph of ubiquitous computing. What we call 'smartphones' are only incidentally phones -- they're more accurately described as cloud-connected computers, available at the ready.

    David Temkin, VP of Mobile at AOL

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