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General Product Questions

Why does our church need online or mobile giving?
By allowing donors to give to your church through their web and mobile devices, you make it more convenient for them to become active donors. Using a web or mobile device also makes donating more accessible to larger groups of church members.
Isn't online giving only for large churches?
Many people think so, but online giving is for churches of any size. Larger churches commonly have a larger staff capable of managing more outreach. But online giving requires little administrative attention. The rates we offer also make online giving manageable for churches large or small.
Is it easy for donors to use?
Very. We've developed a simple three-step giving process that works on all PCs and Macs. On a mobile device, giving is just a one-page form. The process is simple and straightforward. No downloads.
Can donors give right on our site or are they redirected to your site?
We will brand a giving page to your church so the donor feels like they are on your site. Your giving page will pop up in a new window for the most secure giving experience.
Do we have to take credit cards or can the software be configured for debit cards only?
Our system is fully customizable, and can be made to accept and restrict any number of payment types you choose. We know that sometimes churches don't want to encourage debt, so they don't want to offer the credit card option. Our system allows you to decide what payment options to accept.
Is this platform web based or downloadable software?
The giving platform is totally web based. There is nothing to download, no complicated forms to fill out. All you need to do is work with the screen in front of you.
Is there a recurring option for donors to utilize?
Absolutely. We find that about 35% of those that utilize online giving will use the recurring option. So we make that available right at the beginning. We'll send them an email after their first donation so they can set up their account and customize this option.
Can we process ACH transactions with this software?
Yes. We can set up a recurring ACH gift right out of a donor’s checking account. It’s an automatic transaction so there’s no need for downloads. This can be done in one step, and can be set up in intervals.
Does your software work on mobile devices?
Definitely. Mobile devices are accessing the Internet more than PCs right now, so we developed this system with that in mind.
Does your software work with church database and financial software systems?
Yes. We can customize and export reports to work with almost any database or financial software that accepts some sort of an import. We can work directly with your company to create an export and import into almost any financial and database software.
How long does the set up process take?
We can have the code for you to put on your website in as little as four days. If you fill everything out on a Monday, you can be taking donations on your website on the following Sunday. We can also set up your website as well for a nominal charge.

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We have multiple campuses, do we need separate accounts for each location?
The only time you need multiple accounts is if each campus has a different 5013c nonprofit designation. If they're each a different corporation, then you need to have different accounts. If all campus offerings are coming into one account, you only need one account. We will create separate forms for each campus.
Do we need a merchant account to make this work?
Your need for a merchant account depends on your giving needs. We have a no monthly fee option that does not require a full merchant account. If you are a larger organization we have a solution for you too.
Is your software secure?
Yes. We are 100% PCI compliant. We use 128-bit SSL military grade encryption to keep your donor information secure. Nothing is saved or tracked.
Isn't this just for young people?
Donors from every age bracket use online giving if it is available and easy. In churches we're working with, we find people of every age are using online giving when they realize it is an option.
Do we need an IT person to make this work?
No. The most technical part of this process is emailing your web designer to paste in the iframe code. It's very simple and we're here to answer questions along the setup process, and can assist your web designer in getting your web page set up. Once implemented, the software is very easy to use and we offer full training on that.
Do you have comprehensive admin and reporting tools?
Yes we do. We have a great admin section that lets you see everything you need to see. You can restrict access for your Webmaster or accountant, and you can give full access to an admin person that can drill all the way down to an individual transaction and get individual information as well. You can also get a report ranging across particular dates, and schedule data reports that can be sent to you by email.
Will donors receive any type of receipt or record of their donation?
Yes, they will get a printable email receipt each time a donation is processed. Donors can use this printed receipt, if they wish, to participate in their church’s Sunday offering.
Can we set up different fund types or designations?
Absolutely. Right on the page after you put in an amount you can set the fund designation. This feature allows you to give multiple gifts. If you’d like to give to the building fund, or the capital fund, you can create multiple designations on the PC version of our software.
Can we sell items such as books, study guides, or t-shirts?
Yes. We can set up customized forms to make that possible.
In a nutshell, what is the Events Registration Module?
Our Events Registration Module gives your church the ability to put forms on your website to allow individuals to register for your events. The events can be free or can have a registration fee. As with all other transactions, all the data for this module is trackable and exportable to your database software.

Pricing Questions

Do we have to sign a contract?
No contracts! We're 100% confident you'll be satisfied with online donations, so we don’t require that you sign any contract. If you do decide to cancel your service, it will end at the next billing cycle.
What are your merchant account fees?
You can read more about our competitive offerings by clicking here: . This link will take you to the merchant account descriptions on our website to provide further information about merchant account options.
Really, what does all of this cost?
To get started with us, there is a $99.00 set up fee. Then it depends on the size of your church. We have 3 options $19.00 per month and then $49.00 per month. We also can customize a pricing plan to fit your needs, large or small.

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