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If you need more information about the MobiBuilder Platform then this page is great place to look.

General Questions

What is a mobile website?

What do you see when you navigate to your church's website using the browser on your phone? That is what we call your mobile website presence.

A mobile website is simply website files that have been optimized for appearance and useability on a mobile device. MobiBuilder produces an HTML5 mobile website (web app) which you can use as your mobile website presence if your current solution is not "Mobile Friendly"

What is the difference between a mobile website and a mobile web app?
A mobile web app is a mobile website that has been programmed in the HTML5 programming language. This allows for a richer user experience than standard web programming.
Is a mobile website the same as a mobile app?

Great question! The short answer is "no"... we published an article on this topic that you might find helpful.

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

Can we use the HTML5 web app produced by MobiBuilder as our mobile website presence?
Absolutely! That is exactly why we designed MobiBuilder to produce an HTML5 web app alongside the native mobile apps that it creates.

Mobile Website Questions

Is there a contract or minimum commitment?

Nope! We don't require you to sign over your first-born to get your church app published!

We're confident you and your congregation will love the functionality of your new mobile app so we offer MobiBuilder. If you're not happy for any reason, you are free to just contact us and we'll cancel your subscription.

What options are included in the different packages?

We offer three packages to meet the different needs churches. The best way to figure out which is best for your church is to take a look at our Package Options Grid

What are the monthly fees?

You get full access to MobiBuilder through your exclusive login. If you utilize our design team to build your app, we will log into your MobiBuilder account and build it directly there.

Pricing depends on which MobiBuilder solution you choose;

  • The best way to figure out which is best for your church is to take a look at our Package Options Grid

Can I add order a Custom Design/Build Package at a later date?
Yes, you can order one of our full Build + Design packages at any time. We have many churches with good intentions, but simply just don't have time to add one more thing to their staff to do list. We also offer specific design services on an ala carte basis that you can take advantage of at any time.
Do you offer discounts if we utilize other service by ChurchWise Solutions?
From time to time we will make special offers or package deals for our clients who would like to combine more than one of our solutions.

Package & Pricing Questions

Will my app work on Apple and Android products?
Absolutely! The apps produced by MobiBuilder can be published on both the Apple and Android platforms.
Does our church need Apple and Android developer accounts?
No, developer accounts are not required to publish your app. We will publish your church app under our publisher account. If you would prefer to secure your own publisher accounts at Apple and Android we can publish your apps under your account. Android accounts are free, but Apple currently charges a $100 annual fee for an app developer account on their platform. If you want to secure your own publisher accounts, contact us and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.
Are the apps produced by MobiBuilder native apps?
Yes! You will get a fully functioning native app for both Apple and Android platforms. The advantage of native apps over simple web apps is native apps will be able to incorporate the native features of the mobile phone into app functionality. For instance, our Gallery feature allows your app user to snap photos and send them to you right from within the app.
How will a mobile app help our church?
Mobile apps are a tool that allows access to your members in a way that's relevant and convenient. Research shows the unprecedented growth of smartphones and mobile technology. Mobile apps give your church the opportunity to meet your members where they are. Specifically, app give you a wonderful opportunity to improve communication and contribute the the sense of community within your congregation.
Can I see my app before it is published?
Yes, all of our apps are built within your MobiBuilder account, whether you build it yourself or you take advantage of our professional design services. There is a preview step where you will be able to view the look and feel of your app along it's content prior to being officially published.
Will our church app be approved by Apple?
Yes, we are very familiar with Apple's policies and will ensure your app is approved and published. Apple is much more rigorous in their standards than Android. For example, Apple will reject apps that are submitted with any type of broken links or incomplete content. If you are building your own app on MobiBuilder we have a best practices document available to help you get approved by Apple. We also perform a manual review of your app prior to final submission. Of course, if you are utilizing our design team we will handle everything for you.
How long does it take for my app to go live once it is complete?
Android apps typically go live withing 48 hours of submission at Google Play. Apple apps approval time frames can range from 7-21 day, depending on the approval process backlog at Apple.

Unfortunately, once we submit completed app files to both Apple and Google we are at the mercy of their internal processes.
Can I see a demo?
Sure - just head on over to our Church App Showcase and you can see some apps published with MobiBuilder. Just scan the QR code to download the app to your phone.
Can we add features after our app is published?

Yes, with MobiBuilder you can login 24/7 to make edits to content on any of your existing app tabs or add new features to your live app.

Our online CMS (content management system) is a huge advantage in terms of flexibility. You will be able to make changes and add features without the help of a programmer AND without the need to push app updates through Apple's App Store. This saves you time since Apple will put the update through their review process before the update goes live.

Will our app work on iPad?
Yes, your app will work on the iPad. It can be added to any of our packages for $20 per month. You can take a look at our Package Options Grid
Do you get all features with every package?

We currently have over 25 features available for you to customize your church app. All features
are available in each packages with one exception. Push notifications are not included in the Basic Package.

To check out what's included in each of our packages, go to our Church App Pricing page.

Can you build the app for us?

Absolutely, we have a crack design team ready to customize your church's app for you if you need us to!

We know many churches have staffs that are already stretched. And some churches just don't need one more thing on their to do list. We'll be happy to give you an awesome app design that you'll be excited to roll out to your congregation!

Will you be adding new features in the future?

We're continually working to improve our features and adding new features that can impact ministry as well.

Some new features in the future may require an official update via iTunes by Apple. If you choose to update your app with the new features (optional) there is a small update fee that will apply. (Sorry... Apple can be a little finicky!) Of course you will have a choice to implement new features on your app or to keep it as is. If you choose not to utilize new features your app performance will not be affected.

Can we offer mobile giving in our app?

We have found that we can incorporate most mobile or online giving systems into our apps.

Not all giving platforms are optimized for mobile use though. This means that the user experience is not designed for use on mobile devices, resulting in small text and general difficulty in navigating the forms.

If your church is looking for a giving solution, you may want to check our our in house giving platform here
. And don't worry, we've optimized it for mobile use.

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