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Mobile Website vs Mobile App Just the Facts…

[ez_two_third] First, the good news; when your app is built on our MobiBuilder platform you get BOTH a mobile app and a mobile website (HTML5 web app). The genius of MobiBuilder is that it creates your mobile web app in the background as your your app as built with no extra work! …and at no extra cost since a mobile website is included in all of our packages [/ez_two_third] [ez_one_third_last]

[ez_popup type=”content” text=”What’s a native mobile app?” thumb_url=”Thumbnail image URL here…” width=”400″ height=”250″] A “native” mobile app is simply a program or application that is downloaded and installed locally on a device.

For example, mobile apps downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store or Google Play would be considered native apps.[/ez_popup] [ez_popup type=”content” text=”What’s a web app?” thumb_url=”Thumbnail image URL here…” width=”400″ height=”350″]A “web app” is a specially coded version of a mobile website.

Web apps created on the MobiBuilder platform are created the HTML5 programming language which allows for a richer user experience than standard html web programming.

Users would view mobile websites or web apps via the internet browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) on their devices. [/ez_popup]

[/ez_one_third_last] Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the difference between mobile websites and mobile apps. Here’s a handy graphic outlining some of the main differences: Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps Detail

Should a church care about having a quality mobile website?

The answer to that question is YES! In fact, we have a page dedicated to that topic… Click here to find out if your church web presence is mobile friendly.

Need more info? Here’s some mobile infographic love:

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Infographic: MDG Advertising

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